"Proud of the past, innovating and growing in the present and contributing every day to a better and sustainable future."
INDAQUA began operating for over 20 years. Gradually we are expanding our action areas and we were increasing the population served.

Today, in Portugal we serve a population over 600.000 inhabitants and we have commercial relations with more than 200.000 customers. For this, we were consolidating a team with more than 400 employees.

Along this way, we were developing our knowledge our skills and effectiveness in our services, with only one objective to better serve our customers. Our organization is based on values such as rigor and reliability for contributing to a more prosperous society, more ethical and sustainable.

Today, lookink to the future we continue to embrace new challenges, we believe the capacity to find solutions to the problems always looking for innovation and growth without losing as a lighthouse the well being of communities where we are operate.

INDAQUA - we are water, we are future.
The executive management team