What is INDAQUA?

INDAQUA is a company that provides management services for the entire domestic water cycle; it covers everything from the supply of water for consumption that reaches the tap to the treatment of wastewater.

This work is carried out through the six concessions and a stake in one municipal company that it holds in Portugal. The services provided also include performance-based contracts, carried out with a view to water efficiency, as well as technical assistance and consultancy.

Internationally, it has operations in Brazil and Angola.

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How many people does INDAQUA serve?

In Portugal, INDAQUA serves a population of 600,000 inhabitants, maintaining a commercial relationship with 250,000 water supply, drainage and wastewater treatment customers.

These are combined with close to 1 million people served directly in Angola, giving a total of more than 1.5 million people.

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INDAQUA operates five concessions. What is a concession?

INDAQUA is one of the largest operators in the management of municipal concessions in Portugal.

Concession contracts are signed with a municipality or group of municipalities that entrust to INDAQUA the operation of water distribution and treatment, as well as the management of the networks for these operations. The concession contracts entered into by INDAQUA are long-term, ranging from 25 to 50 years. These provide for investment plans in water and sanitation infrastructure that improve the service provided to the community, making it more comprehensive within each municipality and progressively more qualitative and effective.

INDAQUA has five concessions: Santo Tirso/Trofa, Feira, Matosinhos, Vila do Conde and Oliveira de Azeméis.

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INDAQUA enters into water efficiency contracts. What are they?

Performance-based contracts are part of the services provided by INDAQUA and aim to achieve greater water efficiency, reducing water losses and increasing savings.

The innovative nature of these contracts is based on the fact that a substantial part of the payment to INDAQUA is made solely on the basis of the savings generated by the service provided.

In seeking to share its experience in this area, INDAQUA provides this service to other managing entities or municipalities that through this model, and without great risk or investment, manage to reach the high levels of efficiency that INDAQUA already has in its concessions.

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INDAQUA works to reduce water losses. What does this mean?

Water losses can be described as wasted water in the supply networks and can be evaluated through the percentage of water that enters the system, but is not billed, due to leaks in the network or other causes.

In the services it provides, INDAQUA is dedicated to evaluating and reducing water losses, through the effective management of networks and investments in modernisation and has become a leader for this indicator.

According to data from the Portuguese Water and Waste Services Regulatory Authority (ERSAR), INDAQUA concessions have average levels of unbilled water (losses) close to 14%, a figure that denotes good performance of the systems it operates, as it is well below the maximum losses recommended by ERSAR (20%) and also the national average (about 30%).

If Portugal had the same level of performance as the municipalities under concession to INDAQUA, 122 billion litres of water would be saved, enough to supply the country for about 3 months.

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How can I contact you?

You can contact us at INDAQUA S.A. by email at indaqua@indaqua.pt, or phone on 229 997 970.

You can find the most direct contacts for the Group’s companies, as well as the addresses of their branches here.


How can I apply for a position at INDAQUA?

You can check our current opportunities or submit a speculative application here.

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