On March 22, 1992 the United Nations (UN) established the "World Water Day" by publishing a document entitled "Universal Declaration of Water Rights." Here is the text that is worth a thought:
1st The water is part of the patrimony of the planet. Every continent, every people, every nation, every region, every city, every citizen is fully responsible the sights of all.
2nd - Water is the lifeblood of our planet. It is essential for life of the whole plant, animal or human. Without it we couldn´t conceive how is the atmosphere, climate, vegetation, culture and agriculture.
3rd - The natural resources of turning water into drinking water are slow, weak and very limited. Therefore, water should be handled rationally, caution and moderation.
4th - The balance and the future of our planet depend of water conservation and their cycles. These must remain intact and functioning normally to ensure the continuity of life on Earth. This balance depends in particular the preservation of oceans and seas, where cycles begin.
5th - The water isn´t only heritage of our predecessors, she is primarily a loan to our successors. Your protection is a vital necessity, as well as the moral obligation of man to the present and future generations.
6th - The water isn´t a free gift of nature, it has an economic value: we need to know that it is sometimes rare and expensive and it may scarce anywhere in the world.
7th - The water shouldn´t be missed, polluted or poisoned. In general, their use should be made with awareness and insight to not reach a state of exhaustion or deterioration in the quality of the reserves currently available.
8th - The use of water means respect for the law. Your protection is a legal obligation for every man or social group that uses it. This question shouldn´t be ignored neither by man nor by the state.
9th - The water management requires a balance between the need for your protection and the needs of economic, health and social.
10th - The planning of water management should take into account solidarity and consensus in reason of your uneven distribution on the Earth.