Established in 1994, the INDAQUA Group is a leading specialist in the management of water supply systems for human consumption and wastewater treatment, and one of the largest operators in the world of municipal concessions, serving over 800 000 people in Portugal.

World leader in water efficiency

By ensuring the provision of services that support the urban water cycle, INDAQUA is also a global leader in the most relevant indicator in the sector: the reduction of water losses in the supply network. 

With a team of 750 employees, the INDAQUA Group includes, in addition to the holding, eight companies in Portugal – including eight concessions and a stake in a municipal water company – and one in Angola.   

Through its subsidiaries Aqualevel and Hidurbe, it also provides support, maintenance and monitoring of infrastructure, both in terms of technological support and support for management and operations.  

Where to find us

International presence

Globally, INDAQUA is active in Angola and Spain, while supporting the operation, engineering projects and technical assistance in the water and sanitation sector in other countries. In addition to being responsible for the systems it manages with these various capacities, the INDAQUA Group provides services to several companies in the sector, as well as to public entities. 


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