Recruitment and Selection Privacy Policy

INDAQUA’s Recruitment and Selection Policy is fully compliant with the personal data security and protection rules established at the EU Regulation 2016/679, from April 27, 2016.

1. How does INDAQUA recruitment via the website work?

A list of job opportunities within the INDAQUA Group can be found on the INDAQUA website ( This gives applicants an idea of the employment needs provided by the different INDAQUA Group companies and helps to manage applications and the recruitment process.

Candidates may also choose to submit a speculative application.

In both cases, the candidate gives express consent for his/her personal data to be collected and processed for recruitment and selection purposes.

INDAQUA guarantees the security and protection of personal data, in strict compliance with Regulation (EU) 2016/679, of 27 April, 2016.

2. Who is responsible for processing personal data?

The application information or curriculum vitae submitted via the INDAQUA website (either by applying for a specific vacancy or through a speculative application) may be used by the various companies partially, totally, directly, or indirectly owned by the company INDAQUA – Indústria e Gestão de Águas, S.A.

INDAQUA – Indústria e Gestão de Águas, S.A. is the company responsible for the processing of personal data. It assumes its obligations as regards procedural design, purposes, means of processing, procedures, subcontracting the processing of personal data, risk mitigation measures, recording of processing activities and checking tools.

3. What data is processed by INDAQUA?

The candidate must provide their name, email address, mobile phone number and curriculum vitae. INDAQUA only requests data that is relevant for recruitment and selection purposes, and excludes other types of data, such as any data relating to the candidate’s health, their philosophical or political convictions, party or union affiliation, religious faith, private life and race or ethnicity.

No decisions will be made by automated means. Other data necessary for the evaluation of the candidate may be processed during the application procedure.

4. Purpose

The data collected will only be processed for the purpose of recruiting and selecting candidates.

In the event of being selected, INDAQUA will request additional personal data, which is necessary for the issuing of the contract and mandatory transmission of data to official entities, namely tax identification number and Social Security beneficiary number.

The communication of personal data is not mandatory by law or otherwise, but it is a necessary requirement for applying for employment.

You are not therefore obliged to provide us with your details, but if you do not, the only consequence will be that your job application will be invalid.

5. Who has access to candidates' personal data?

The following people will have access to your personal data: (i) those responsible at the company(ies) for the position(s) to which you have applied; (ii) members of the human resources department, (iii) the website manager.

In some cases, a specialised company may be hired to carry out part of the recruitment and selection process, and to publicise job opportunities through digital marketing and/or job portals.

In the event of being selected, your data is transmitted to official entities, namely the Tax Authority, Social Security and Work Compensation Funds.

6. What is the retention period for personal data?

If you have applied for a specific vacancy: the data will be stored for the duration of this selection process and (if you are not selected) until 31 December of the third year following the submission of the application, to be used in future job offers, identical to the one you applied for.

If you have not applied for a specific vacancy: until 31 December of the third year following the submission of the application.

The candidate may, at any time, request the cancellation of their registration on the INDAQUA website, in which case your personal data will be deleted immediately. If not, the registration will be cancelled, and the data deleted after 3 years.

7. What rights does the holder of personal data have and how can s/he exercise them?

The data subject has the right to withdraw their application at any time, by sending a letter or email addressed to the Human Resources Department, informing them that he/she intends to withdraw their application. Please send this to the following contacts:

Avenida Joaquim Neves dos Santos, nº 122, 4450-394 Matosinhos

Or via email:

When such withdrawal is submitted, your data will be deleted, and all processing carried out until then based on the previously given consent is lawful.

The holder of personal data also has the following rights in terms of protection of personal data: right of access, right of rectification, right of erasure, right of limitation on processing, right of portability, right of opposition and the right not to be subject to automated decisions. To exercise any of these rights, you must contact the INDAQUA Human Resources Department at the following address:

Avenida Joaquim Neves dos Santos, nº 122, 4450-394 Matosinhos

Or via email:

INDAQUA will carefully analyse the requests, assess their legitimacy and relevance and respond in a timely manner.

If necessary, the holder may also file a complaint with the Portuguese National Data Protection Authority (CNPD).

8. Other means of application

The rules contained in this Policy will be adapted as needed to apply to speculative applications received by other means.

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