Committed to creating value for communities and regions, as well as protecting water resources and ecosystems, INDAQUA promotes sustainability in its many forms:


Creating shareholder value and acting with maximum efficiency, both in terms of management and operations, using the most advanced technologies, and respecting ambitious and rigorous processes.


Acting efficiently, minimising the impact of its activity and ensuring the conservation of resources.


Promoting opportunities for employee fulfilment, ensuring quality service to customers, and positively impacting the community.

Sustainable Development Goals

A signatory to the United Nations 2030 Agenda, which aims to eliminate poverty, promote prosperity and well-being for all, protect the environment and combat climate change, the INDAQUA Group has been committed from the beginning to fulfilling the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). 

While it supports all the assumptions that make up the Agenda, INDAQUA prioritises those to which it can really and significantly contribute through its daily activity. 

Code of Conduct

The INDAQUA Group’s code of conduct provides for full adherence to the organisation’s values – Leadership, Integrity and Credibility, Excellence, Duty and Responsibility, Innovation and Eco-efficiency – as well as acting in accordance with the law and internal rules. The duties of loyalty to the organisation and of respect and cooperation between employees extend to the relationship with customers and suppliers, guided by the highest standards of service, honesty, and ethics.  

Anti-Corruption Policy

Additionally, and in line with the best international practices, the INDAQUA Group has implemented an Anti-Corruption Policy, which governs any and all activities throughout the company, covering employees, shareholders, consultants, agents or representatives. 

INDAQUA is a signatory to the United Nations Anti-Corruption Campaign and is proactive in promoting anti-corruption measures and implementing policies that contribute to a more sustainable, transparent, and inclusive society. 

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